About Calicut
Located in the south west coast of the Southern Indian state of Kerala, Kozhikode or Calicut was the capital city of a princely state ruled by the wise Samoothirippadu or Samuthiri or Zamorins. In the year 1498 AD it was in a place near to Kozhikode / Calicut called Kappad Beach that the Portuguese explorer and sailor Vasco Da Gama dropped anchor. This event marked the beginning of a new epoch in indian history and specifically in the history of state of Kerala. There began a period of unbroken strife among foreign powers like Dutch, French, English for the domination of the trade in Malabar. Despite the mentioned western influences, Kozhikode still has been successful to keep intact its own individuality and thus is very much proud of its culture and tradition.
Walk through the culture and History steeped town is like a step into a time warp. The delectable cuisine, the rich culture, the sheer natural beauty, the significant History and the swarming humanity are the attractions of the city. This musical Hub of Kerala, the home of many laureates takes pride of its harmony and hospitality.
Its serene beach, historic monuments. Mananchita and Mananchira Square. Good old S.M. Street, backwaters, Museums, Parks etc all makes this city one of the popular tourist destinations of south india. Another notable tradition still preserved with a Victorian touch is the Beach Hotel (since 1890). With its long beautiful lawns and the breath taking view of the vivid blue Arabian Sea, it was once a favourite meeting point of the Englishmen.
Kozhikode offers an exceedingly rich array of culinary delicacies, the aroma and smell known to have charmed and melted every historic ruling emperor. Kozhikode offers àla carte to suit every palate and need. The food culture of kozhikode is influenced by its long coastal line and flavoured by the all pervasive coconut, enriched with exotic fruits, vegetables, seafood and garnished with the distinctive aroma of spices.


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